Some of my thoughts.

My Favorite Podcasts

I love Podcasts and I listen to them quite a lot. Below, I’ve made a list of podcasts I recommend by “genre” but listed in the order I prefer them where possible.

Genre Defying

D&D or Collaborative Storytelling

My favorites in this genre are 1 part comedy and 1 part collaborative storytelling. Don’t let the idea of a “Dungeons and Dragons” podcast be offputting, because it is so much more than that in ways that are hard to explain. Despite the fact that I have never played a single game of Dungeons and Dragons, this has become one of my favorite genres of podcast.


These podcasts are fairly timeless, so you can really jump in at any point, or even go back to episode 1. I would generally recommend starting with the newer episodes and go back to the beginning if you really love them.

All of the podcasts I listen to in this genre are hosted by white men, with the exception of guests, which is not great. I need to find a more diverse set of podcasts in this genre especially.

Encyclopedic Comedy

Start with any episode for these podcasts.

This genre of podcast is often described as “Wikipedia as a podcast” but I personally think they are more than that, and definitely more fun.

Balloonfest ‘86

3 of the above podcasts have episodes that cover the same event:


For these podcasts, just pick any episode about a movie you want to hear discussed. In the case of “The Flophouse” in particular, seeing the movie beforehand is not a benefit.

Tech Podcasts

Since these podcasts are often oriented in today’s tech news, then you will generally want to start with the newest few episodes and go forward from there. That said, many of these shows have epsidoes that are interviews with special guests that are more timeless. It is also very interesting to listen to episodes from many years ago to get a different perspective on what was happening then.

Horror Storytelling

Don’t listen to these podcasts. You have been warned. #NoSleep