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Open Bigfix Console Presentation Debugger



  1. Open the BigFix Console
  2. Login to the BigFix Console
  3. Open the Debug Dialog
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D
    • Debug Dialog
  4. Check the “Show Debug Menu” Checkbox
    • Show Debug Menu
  5. Close Debug Dialog
    • Close Debug Dialog
  6. Open the Debug Menu
    • Open Debug Menu
  7. Open the Presentation Debugger
    • Open Presentation Debugger
  8. Evaulate a Session Relevance Query
    • number of bes tasks
    • ps of concatenations of ("There are ";it as string;" registered computers right now [ "; now as string; " ]") of number of bes computers
    • Open Presentation Debugger

BONUS: REST API Session Relevance Example:

  1. Use the same query as above in the BigFix REST API as a URL Encoded string
    • REST API Session Relevance Example